Google rolls out new Docs search menu option allowing easier insertion of emojis

August 30, 2022
Google Docs Emoji

Using emojis is one way to make your documents a lot more fun, but summoning them can be pretty inconvenient. Google wants to change that by introducing a new shortcut on Google Docs, allowing you to insert emojis on documents and slides easily.

inserting emoji on Google Docs by typing @ symbol

By typing the at sign (@), users will have two options to look for the emojis they want to insert into their documents. Typing @[emoji name] will let you look for a specific emoji suggested in a dropdown list, while using the @emoji will present you with the option to open the entire catalog of emojis.

Nonetheless, note that pulling up the emojis or the emoji picker is not the sole function of typing the at sign on Google Docs. Earlier this year, Google also introduced the ability to compose and draft an email on Google Docs just by typing @. Other shortcuts are also available when you scroll down the dropdown search menu that will pop out when you type the symbol.

The addition is not big news, but it can make things more convenient for Google Docs users, especially those who frequently use emojis.

Google said it is available to legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers and Google Workspace customers. The rollout of the feature has already started for some users, and it seems it covers a huge number of regular Google Docs users, as most of my colleagues here in the US and in some parts of Asia said they already have it. Nonetheless, Google stated in its blog that its release would continue up to the end of September.

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