Google reveals upcoming changes to Chrome that will improve user privacy


8, 2019

Google today announced that it will be changing the way Chrome handles cookies. Cookies are used to track user’s browsing activity across the web to serve personalized content and ads. Google announced the following changes to bring improved transparency about how websites are using cookies. Google also announced simpler controls for cross-site cookies.

  • Google will modify how cookies work so that developers need to explicitly specify which cookies are allowed to work across websites — and could be used to track users.
  • Chrome will require developers to use this mechanism to access their cookies across sites. This change will enable users to clear all such cookies while leaving single domain cookies unaffected, preserving user logins and settings.
  • Chrome plans to more aggressively restrict fingerprinting across the web. Google will be reducing the ways in which browsers can be passively fingerprinted, so that we can detect and intervene against active fingerprinting efforts as they happen.

These features will be rolled out later this year.

Source: Google

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