Google reduces the Play Store service fee to 15% for the first $1M of revenue

March 16, 2021
Google play store

Google play store

Last year, Apple announced that it is reducing App Store commission to 15 percent for apps with less than 1 million revenue. Today, Google made a similar announcement. From July 1, 2021 Google is reducing the service fee Google Play receives to 15% for the first $1M (USD) of revenue every developer earns each year. Google highlighted that this change would affect 99% of developers and they would see a 50% reduction in fees.

Google is making this service fee price cut even better for developers. This reduced fee is applicable on the first $1M of total revenue earned each year available to every Play developer, regardless of size.

“As a platform we do not succeed unless our partners succeed. Android and Google Play have always listened to our developer partners from around the world and we continue to take their input into account as we build and run the ecosystem. We look forward to seeing more businesses scale to new heights on Android, and to further discussions with our developer community to find new ways to support them technically and economically as they build their businesses,” said Sameer Samat, VP, Product Management at Google.

Source: Google

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