Google Pixel 4 does not come with unlimited online storage for your original quality photos


15, 2019

With every Pixel device from the beginning, Google was offering a free, unlimited online storage for all the original quality photos and 4K videos. With Pixel 4 launch today, Google is removing this offer. Instead, Google will only offer free unlimited storage for high quality photos and videos. However, Google announced that Pixel owners will get the 3 month Google One 100GB trial membership.

Basically, Google wants you to pay every month for storing all your photos online. You need to pay around $9.99 per month for 2TB Google One online storage. Instead of buying storage from Google, I recommend Microsoft OneDrive that is included with Office 365 subscription. For about $8.3/month, you can get 6TB online storage for your family and it comes with Office apps as well.

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