If you’re someone who still considers text messages important and uses Google Messages as default Messaging app in their Android phone then you have a reason to worry. According to a report published by Android Authority, users are now complaining that “text messages are disappearing with no explanation”.

“Users report seeing glitched text, messages from some contacts incorrectly labelled as coming from another contact, and the app crashing before losing all text messages,” AndroidAuthority reported.

The issue is more to do with the Google Message app than the Android phone that you’re using as it’s not specific to a particular handset. But what’s worse is that Google is yet to acknowledge the bug and that means we don’t have an official solution just yet.

That being said, you can try performing a factory reset and data restore, uninstall Messages via the Play Store(that will take the app back to the pre-installed version), clear the app cache/storage. And if you’re feeling uncomfortable with what just happened, you can switch to a different messaging app.

Speaking of messaging apps, you can try Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app. The app is available in the UK and the US alongside India. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.