Google Meet live sharing experiment now available to YouTube Premium subscribers

September 1, 2022

YouTube Premium is the place to go if you want to get your hands on Google experimental features before they get their official public release. One of the things to enjoy now for those who have the subscription is Google Meet‘s live sharing feature, which will let you share content with others. It is similar to the screen sharing or Watch Together feature of other apps, but it offers more activities you can share with a friend through Google Meet. (via 9To5Google)

Live share, which “allows all meeting participants to interact with the content that’s being shared,” is currently limited to Android, though it will allow others to join on the web. YouTube Premium Android customers can access it by tapping their avatars at the app’s top-right corner, proceeding to Settings, and then to the “Try new features” section. There, select the “Watch YouTube together with Google Meet” experiment option. Once activated, you can access it within “Activities” in a meeting’s overflow menu.

For those who are just about to try it for the first time, note that it is natural for the feature not to work instantly. Nonetheless, using it can be intuitive once it is activated. You just need to launch your Google Meet app on your Android device, invite friends, open the YouTube app and play a video, and then select “Start” from the Meet Live Sharing prompt that will appear.

And as said, it is not limited to only one capability. The feature also works for other activities, such as listening to Spotify playlists with a friend and playing various games like UNO! Mobile. It is not confirmed yet, but it is likely to be available to more users after the experiment ends on September 29. With that, if you don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription, you probably just need to wait a few more weeks.

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