Google has announced new Google WorkSpace features at Google I/O which includes a number of new features and integrations for the Google Meet messaging app.

At the heart of the improvement is Smart Canvas, Google’s new platform which allows apps to be smarter and more flexible, especially when it comes to app collaboration. It for example enables Assistive Writing, which offers advanced writing suggestions.

Smart Canvas also allows Google to integrate Meet directly into applications such as Google Docks, Sheets and Slides, to allow even better collaboration. Now clicking on the Google Meet icon at the top of the page means you can just right into a call with the window overlayed on the content, so you can continue working without any interruption.

Google Meet will also receive a new Companion Mode, which gives each user their own video title, which should make larger all-hands meetings easier.

Every user will also be able to create their own polls,Q&As and chats.

Google Meet will now also support noise cancellation, automatic lighting and zoom adjustments for faces, meaning you can work from more places.

Another new feature is Customized View which enables a presenter to re-arrange people’s faces as he speaks, allowing him to maintain eye contact with his chosen viewers and monitor their reactions.

Live Captions and real-time transcribing is now also supported, including live support for Google Translate.

Google says all these features will be rolling out in the near future.

via PhoneArena