Google is working on making notification prompts less annoying on mobile devices


25, 2019

If you have opened any website recently on Google Chrome then you would know how annoying those notification prompts are. While you could always go to site settings and completely disable these popup, Google has taken upon itself to fix the issue.

A new flag has been introduced to Chromium nightly that allows users to set quieter notifications. The flag is called “Quieter notification permission prompts” and it will make notification prompts less annoying. Unfortunately, the flag doesn’t work at the moment so we don’t exactly know how Google plans to tackle the issue. The flag, however, gives four options: Default, Enabled, Enabled (Heads-up notifications), Enabled (mini-infobars), and Disabled.

We do expect Google to add the feature to Canary soon. As the name suggests, the different options should change the way these prompts appear on Chrome and should make them less annoying.

Via XDA Developers

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