Google is testing opening Google Lens for Desktop search results in a side bar

by Surur
September 15, 2021

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We reported earlier that Google was getting ready to bring Google Lens search to the desktop, but it seems Google is still developing the feature further.

When we spoke about the feature 2 weeks ago search results were opening in a new tab, but it appears Google is now working on opening the results in a sidebar.

The sidebar is the same as used by favourites or Google’s Reading List feature, and users will have the option of opening the results in a new tab from there also.

The panel will also allow users to upload images or drag and drop images.

Interestingly, given how integrated Google Lens is with Google services, the feature will also support alternate search providers.

Google is currently testing the new presentation in Chrome Canary, and will presumably bring it to mainstream users if it decides to settle on the new look.

via Leo Varela

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