Google is testing a new bookmark button on mobile page results

August 31, 2022

Google is testing a new bookmarking system for a limited number of users, according to 9To5Google. In particular, those included in the test will see a new bookmark button when they use Search in their mobile browsers.

It is located beside the three-dot menu of the results, and tapping it will directly allow users to save a particular page right from the results on their mobile browsers. In addition, it will notify you where the page is saved (e.g., Favorite Pages), and you can change its location immediately with the “Change” option included in the bar that will appear when you tap the button.

And while the test is only limited to mobile browsers, 9To5Google notes that the saved pages can be viewed anytime via the Collection tab both on browser or desktop platforms. Aside from titles, the saved bookmark pages include images and their respective platforms. Also, there are no limitations on the number of pages you can save.

There are still no announcements on when the new bookmarking system will roll out globally or if it will really make a public release, but it can be a huge improvement on using Google Search. We would also love to see it not just on mobile but so as on desktop browsers since it can make the page-saving process more convenient and faster.

Speaking of convenience, the company recently rolled out a new improvement on Google Docs, allowing users to easily insert emojis on their documents by using the “@” symbol. Google is also pushing developers to create more efficient multi-device apps by releasing its new Cross-device SDK Developer Preview for Android, which will later be available to other Android surfaces and non-Android OSs.

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