Google is rolling out search support for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge brings a lot of new improvements. With Microsoft Edge, users can choose any site that supports Open Search as their default search provider. Popular sites such as Twitter and YouTube already support Open Search – however, the top search engine, Google didn’t support Open Search which disabled users from choosing Google as the default search provider.

Today, Google has started rolling out support for Open Search 1.1 — meaning that you can now choose Google as the default search provider on Microsoft Edge. One of the Microsoft Edge engineers, Jacob Rossi tweeted:

Obviously, this is a pretty surprising addition as many expected that Google won’t add support for Open Search. It’s worth noting that the update is rolling out slowly to users, and it may take a bit before everyone is able to use Google as their default search engine provider on Edge.

If you’re a Google Search user, are you glad that the company added support for Open Search? Discuss in the comment section below!