Google is rolling out its new Assistant to older Pixel devices

November 11, 2019

With the Google Pixel 4, the firm introduced a new version of the Google Assistant to the world. This was a more compact version of the Assistant which only took up as much space as needed as opposed to covering the entire screen. Let me explain; currently, when invoking Assistant either via voice or squeezing the sides of any Pixel (or buttons of devices like the Nokia 7.2) the Assistant fills up the entire screen to display the answer. While this looks nice and pretty, it’s not very efficient. Imagine having an actual assistant who demands your full attention anytime you need a quick query done in the background?

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Google seems to have come to the same conclusion — especially with its focus on background and ambient computing.┬áThe firm doesn’t want you to spend too much time thinking about how you’re working, only that you do. The new Assistant will only take up as much space as it needs to display the current answer — and not a cm more. You’ll still be able to expand it if you want of course, but this new compact way seems to be default going forward.

The new Google Assistant is currently rolling out to Pixel 3 and 3XL devices running the Google Beta, it’s probably going to do the same to other Android devices given time.

Via: 9to5Google

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