Google is putting limits on outdated apps in the Google Play Store

April 7, 2022
Google Play Store API

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Google has announced that they are to begin putting limits on outdated existing apps within the Google Play Store in order to protect users’ privacy and security. 

In a new blog post, Google explained that starting on November 1st 2022, existing apps may no longer be available for discovery or download if they are not aiming to use an API that’s within two years of the latest major Android OS release. 

According to Google, these impending requirements are being put in place to protect users’ privacy and security, as users who update their devices apparently “expect to realize the full potential of all the privacy and security protections Android has to offer.” 

Thankfully, for developers and users alike, the “vast majority” of apps on the Google Play Store already abide by the new standards that are being set in place, so hopefully nothing much should change once the policy update is put in place. The long lead time for this update will also allow developers to update their apps were needed to meet the new target API requirements.

Google Play Store API
Here is the timeline for the new rolling API release window developers will need to keep their apps updated within.

Currently, to publish an app on the Google Play Store, developers must target an Android API that’s within one year of the latest major release, so you should not have to worry about any new or freshly updated apps disappearing any time soon.

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