Google is pushing Chromium Edge users to switch to Chrome

by Anmol
February 23, 2020
Microsoft Edge

Recently we reported how Google has been warning Chromium Edge users when they visited Chrome Web Store to download extensions. It turns out Chrome Web Store is not the only place where Google is showing pop-ups asking users to switch to Chrome.

We decided to try out all the Google services on Chrome, Chromium Edge and Opera. While Opera was not always based on Chromium, like Microsoft Edge, Opera also decided to switch to Chromium in 2013. We used all the browsers to access different Google services to see what happens and the results were not surprising. While Google doesn’t show anything on Opera or Chrome when you access Google, Drive and Docs on Edge, the website shows a pop-up asking you to switch to Chrome. We have had the same result with Chrome Web Store but opening it on Opera doesn’t show any security warning.

Google went as far as saying Chrome helps you hide ads and protect from malware. We didn’t receive any pop-ups or warnings on Opera which is also based on Chromium framework.

While this is not the first time, Google has played fast and loose to make users switch to Chrome, we can’t really blame them for doing it. Google and Microsoft have a history of fighting over their own software. Microsoft has pushed users towards Edge on Windows 10 in the past and in a way Google seems to be returning the favour. That said, it’s fairly certain that Google is feeling the heat as users are preferring Chromium Edge over Google Chrome.

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