You should not use Microsoft Edge if you want to use extensions securely, according to Google


20, 2020

Google and Microsoft have a long history of taking a dig at each other’s technologies and services. The recent is coming from Google and this time around, it’s taking a dig at Microsoft’s recently launched Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

According to Google, internet users should use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge if they want to use browser extensions securely. On visiting the Chrome web store on Microsoft Edge, you’ll be displayed a banner with a yellow background color saying “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely” at the top of the page.

Google didn’t provide enough details as to what kind of security issues internet users will face if they use Chrome extensions on the Edge browsers. Interestingly enough, Microsoft made no comment on whether using Chrome extensions on Edge is as secure as using Chrome extensions on the Chrome browser. Meanwhile, you can install every Chrome extensions on your Microsoft Edge browser and they will work as good as they work on Chrome browsers.

While it’s not clear how using Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge browser can impact the security, it’s become a standard practice for browser developers to take a dig at its competitors. Microsoft recently took a dig at Firefox by placing an ad, which says “Still using Firefox?  Microsoft Edge is here” on the suggested section of the Start Menu.

via Windowslatest

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