Google is letting users watch full free, ad-supported movies on YouTube



Google is making roughly 100 movies available for free on YouTube. Users of the platform will now be able to watch films shows like Legally Blonde, Agent Cody Banks and Terminator in full, for free on the platform. According to a report from AdAge, Google started this process in October and includes movies which are either classics or unlikely to make more money otherwise.

For regular users, this provides an easy way to watch media that the would otherwise have to pay to access without having to resort to piracy. For studios, a nice easy way to earn some extra money from the ad revenue enabled by YouTube’s massive reach.

There’s no word on how YouTube Premium subscribers are affected by this, but some users report (and it seems likely) that the ad-free subscription extends to these free movies as well.

Source: AdAge, via Engadget.

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