Google to roll out generative AI features on Performance Max for beta users

November 7, 2023

Remember when Google said that it’ll deploy AI to YouTube to help you create ads more efficiently? Well, now, generative AI features are rolling out on Performance Max, its goal-based campaign type in Google Ads.

The tech giant says in the official announcement that these new AI features will – supposedly – make it quick and easy for marketers to create and scale new assets, and to improve existing ones. Beta advertisers will soon get their hands on this feature by the end of the year. 

With brand-new AI-powered image-editing capabilities, you can enhance both your generated and existing assets directly in Google Ads. You can edit the backgrounds of your ads with just simple word prompts and then hit Generate.

Not just that, but you can also get creative with Performance Max cause it can suggest headlines, descriptions, and the whole shebangs that come with setting up a Google Ad, including the picture. 

Launched a little over two years ago, Performance Max helps you create ads and reach an audience like never before thanks to its machine learning. Since it’s more efficient, your campaigns will always cost less than or equal to 30.4 times your daily budget, and you only pay for performance.

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