Google finally adds basic sorting features to YouTube Music on Android and iOS

Google has long since positioned YouTube Music as a successor to its very fleshed out and solid Google Play Music service. When it comes to client apps however, the firm has spent the better part of a year playing catch-up to features its older music app already had.

This week, the firm added what some would consider a basic and necessary feature to the app — the ability to sort your music the way you want to. Previously, users could only see by recently added in reverse chronological order — something that made it easier to simply listen to the same new songs over and over again. Now, users can sort in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order in addition to that. It only applies to songs added from YouTube Music, however, and not to local music files — for that you’ll probably want to use a dedicated music app.

It is an indictment on Google’s seriousness that the firm refrained form launching such a basic feature a year after launching this product and a year after announcing that it would add the feature.

The features are rolling out for Android and iOS today with version 3.29. As Google Play Music begins to wind down, one might argue that Google’s transitory pace is far too slow as it stands.

Via: 9to5Google

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