Google Earth’s impressive Timelapse feature now available on mobile devices


25, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

Google Earth Timelapse is a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the Earth has changed over the past 35 years. Until now, this service was available only on desktop browsers. Today, Google announced that they are enabling Google Earth Timelapse for mobile devices since Chrome and Firefox reinstated support for autoplay (with sound muted). Earth Timelapse also comes with a new “Maps Mode” feature which will allow users to navigate the map using Google Maps.

Using Google Earth Engine, Google’s cloud platform for petabyte-scale geospatial analysis, we combined more than 15 million satellite images (roughly 10 quadrillion pixels) to create the 35 global cloud-free images that make up Timelapse. These images come from the U.S. Geological Survey/NASA Landsat and European Sentinel programs.

Source: Google

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