Google denies intentionally blocking Windows Phone users, says Gmail problem has been fixed

by Surur
August 8, 2016

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google tut

More than a month after the problem started and a week after it first broke as a story, a Google representative has finally admitted that there is an issue with Windows 10 Mobile and Gmail and flipped the switch which corrected the problem.

As a reminder, Windows 10 Mobile users were unable to add Google accounts to the built-in email and calendar apps, with the error message “Your browser is not supported. Please update to a more recent one.” Simply changing your user agent let the OAUTH authorization proceed as usual.

Google hasn’t really been the best of supporters of Microsoft’s Windows phone platform. Despite having a Google app for the platform, the firm has since refused to provide any more  apps for the Windows phone platform, and has engaged in actively blocking users from accessing its services.

Now  support staff on Google’s Product Forums site report that the error has been fixed, and was certainly not intentional, saying:

google response

Further down the thread the representative promised we’ll work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again!” Hopefully this means purchasing 1 single Windows Phone to test on.

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