Google counters Apple Watch Fall Detection with Pixel 4 Car Crash detection

by Surur
October 1, 2019

Fall detection as found on the Apple Watch is pretty cool, but it is car crashes which kill 1.25 million people each year all around the world.

Google is working on a smartphone feature for their Pixel 4 which is designed to bring that number down just a bit by getting help to users involved in an accident more rapidly.

XDA-Developers have noticed that Google has updated the Emergency Information app on Pixel smartphones today to add Car Crash Detection.

The app, which has been renamed Personal Safety, has the following description on Google Play:

Personal Safety is an app for Pixel phones that helps you stay safe and connected to first responders and your emergency contacts.

  • If your phone detects that you’ve been in a car crash, it can help reach 911 for you. Car crash detection is available in the United States.
  • Enter medical information and choose your emergency contacts. By default, this info is available when your phone is locked to help first responders.
  • With emergency sharing, you can quickly share a short message and your current location with all of your emergency contacts.

The app uses its accelerometers, microphones and gyroscopes to detect a major event, will attempt to alert you with vibration and a loud noise on maximum volume, and ask you to respond. If you are unable to it will call emergency services and send a pre-generated message to selected contacts with your location and other details.

The app does not appear to work on older Pixel devices and has disappeared from the Store (where it was briefly present), but will hopefully arrive soon with the 15th October unveiling of the Pixel 4.

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