Google complains of anti-competitive conspiracy, ignores the cost of giving other’s IP away for free


3, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Google is complaining Microsoft and Apple are not playing fair.

David Drummond, Google’s  Chief Legal Officer, is whining about Microsoft and Apple working together keep key patents out of Google’s hands.

Complaining that Microsoft and Apple have been inflating the cost of patents way above its real worth in an effort to kill Android, he of course ignores the injury the company has inflicted on other licensable operating systems like Windows Mobile and Windows Phone by giving its OS away for free while also making it attractive to buyers by stealing the IP of others.

Calling the 250,000 patents involved in making a smartphone largely questionable and  “bogus”  he exhibited Google’s usual attitude to to intellectual property. It is of note that Google is attempting to acquire patents after they made the OS, typical of Google habit if first doing whatever they want and then asking forgiveness afterwards.

Ultimately Google is hoping the Justice Department will save the day, but short of invalidating the whole US patent system OEMs using the OS will have to pay the piper eventually, something Google is clearly attempting not to acknowledge.

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