Google Chromecast Ultra Dongle and its Remote Control pass through NCC certification, launch looks imminent


28, 2020

Rumors of a Google Chromecast Ultra Dongle, which is essentially the second Gen. Chromecast Ultra dongle, and Remote control have been doing the rounds for quite a while. In the month of March this year, both Google Chromecast Ultra Dongle and its remote control have passed through FCC certification — this not only convinced people into believing about the existing of such products but also led to people thinking that both the products will see the daylight at the Google I/O event. Of course, the event got canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now, after almost two months, Google Chromecast Ultra Dongle and Remote Control pass have made their appearance on the website of Taiwanese certification agency NCC( via MSP), hinting at an imminent launch. It’s also worth noting that this is for the time that Google Chromecast is getting a remote control, unlike the first Gen Chromecast.

According to the NCC documents, Google Chromecast Ultra Dongle is internally called the GPJ110, while the remote control is called GPJ100. We don’t what the duo will look like but if MSP is to be believed the new upcoming Chromecast is going to retain much of the design and functionality of its predecessor. However, there will be some changes — a refreshed G logo, an HDMI connector, and the fact that it’ll be based on Android TV.

Talking about the remote control, you’ll find a dedicated Google Assistant key in it and it will also work with your TV.

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