Google Chrome will soon block annoying and intrusive ads that appear during video content

Google Chrome already blocks annoying pop-up windows that appear when you open certain websites. Few years back, Google started blocking intrusive ads in websites that violate industry standards. The Coalition for Better Ads is an industry group created by leading international trade associations and companies involved in online media. This group develops Better Ads Standards based on which other companies develop their solutions. Recently, Better Ads Standards released a new set of standards for ads that show during video content.

There are many different types of ads that can run before, during, or after a video but according to the Coalition’s research, there are three ad experiences that people find to be particularly disruptive on video content that is less than 8 minutes long:
Long, non-skippable pre-roll ads or groups of ads longer than 31 seconds that appear before a video and that cannot be skipped within the first 5 seconds.
Mid-roll ads of any duration that appear in the middle of a video, interrupting the user’s experience.
Image or text ads that appear on top of a playing video and are in the middle 1/3 of the video player window or cover more than 20 percent of the video content.

Google today announced that Chrome will start blocking above ad experiences from August 5, 2020. Website owners showing such ads should update their ads in order to not get blocked. Like any website on the web, Google’s own YouTube and other properties should follow ad standards set by Better Ads Standards. You can learn more about this announcement from the link below.

Source: Chromium

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