You’ll soon be able to preview link by hovering over it on Google Chrome, but it’s not like you expect

September 12, 2023

Remember when we reported that Google was working on a new “Preview link” feature on Chrome a few months back? Well, the first look of this feature has just arrived on the latest update of Canary, the browser’s experimental channel. 

You may think that the feature works by hovering over a hyperlink and a small window pops up near your cursor so you can see the webpage. It’s kinda like However, this is not the case, at least in the first version of the feature in Canary.

As first reported by Chrome insider  @Leopeva64, when you hover over a link, a preview of the page is displayed in a separate pop-up window that appears too quickly & you must manually close it.  Google may also increase the delay and add a keyboard shortcut in future versions. Feel free to take a look at how it works so far:

Google can make the preview page load quickly by preparing it ahead of time. This is called prerendering. Prerendering helps Google protect users’ privacy and security by controlling when and how the preview is displayed.

Google Chrome is available on Windows and Mac, as well as the mobile versions on iOS and Android

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