Google Chrome Canary gets the ability to always show full URLs

by Anmol
March 25, 2020
Google Chrome

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Last week we reported about Google’s decision to add an option to show full website URLs. The company made changes to the address bar last year which now shows just the domain. While this clean up the address bar, it also makes it hard for people to judge if a website is using https protocol or not.

Last week, Google Chrome Canary got an update which gave users an option to show URLs but now Google has updated it to include an option to always show URLs. To enable the new feature, you will need to have the latest Google Chrome Canary build and you will need to enable the “omnibox-context-menu-show-full-urls” flag. Once done, you can right-click on the address bar and you should see the “Always show full URLs” option.

We don’t know when Google will implement this feature in the public version. Google has temporarily paused Chrome updates to help web developers who often have to optimize websites for the new update.

Via Techdows

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