Google Chrome may soon offer the option to see the full URL in the address bar

by Surur
March 20, 2020

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With many malicious sites using specially crafted URLs to trick users into believing they are visiting a real rather than fake site, Google has for some time been hiding the full URL in the address bar in favour of showing the domain name and an indicator if a site is Secure or Not Secure.

This has however irritated power users who wish to have a better idea of exactly where they are on a site.  Now in the latest Chromium 83.0.4090.0 release Chrome is offering a new flag which will add an entry to the Omnibox context menu which would display the whole URL when selected.

The feature can be enabled by enabling chrome://flags/#omnibox-context-menu-show-full-urls in chrome://flags.

The option is currently available in both Chromium 83 and Chrome Canary 83, but is functional in Chromium but not Chrome.

Google has paused the release of new Chrome versions at version 80 at present due to the CORVID-19 crisis, so it may be some time before this option becomes available to the general public.

Via Techdows.

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