Google apologises to users for Google Home/Chromecast outage

June 28, 2018

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Yesterday we reported that Google’s Home and Chromecast were down all day, and today the firm has rolled out a fix for the issues, resolving an issue that plagued and annoyed users worldwide.

Google blames the backend for the error and has issued out a fix for that bug. Aside from that, theĀ firm has also gone one step further and sent an email to users apologising to users who suffered from the outage,

Google’s email reads:

You may have noticed a problem with your
Google Home yesterday morning. We found a glitch
with one of our backend systems and spent the day
working hard to get everyone back up and running.
It’s frustrating when technology doesn’t work the
way it should, especially when you’re depending on
it. We’re sorry that this happened.

There’s a fix rolling out to all Google Home devices
now. If you’re still having trouble, let us know here.

Thanks for sticking with us.

– rishi, on behalf of the Google Home team

Google this week brought the Assistant to Spain and Mexico after officially adding support for Spanish to its Assistant service.

Via CNet.

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