Google announces final software update for Google Glass Explorer Edition

December 7, 2019

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The life of Google Glass Explorer Edition is coming to an end. Google has now announced that Glass Explorer Edition will get a final update which can be manually installed. After February 25, 2020, this final update will remove the ability to use your Google account on Glass. This update will also removes Glass’ connection to backend services. I’m not sure how the Glass will be useful without Google account and backend services. You can now download the final update for Glass Explorer Edition and you need to install it so you can continue using your Glass without issues.

Here’s how you can update your Google Glass Explorer Edition:

  1. Download the signed image file.

  2. Unzip the file. You’ll see 3 files:

    • boot.img

    • recovery.img

    • System.img

  3. Run the following commands:

   $ adb reboot bootloader  # enter fastboot mode

   $ fastboot devices # verify device is in fastboot, should see its serial no.

   $ fastboot flash boot boot.img  # flash partitions with factory images

   $ fastboot flash system system.img

   $ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

   $ fastboot erase cache  # optional, erase the cache and userdata partition

   $ fastboot erase userdata

   $ fastboot oem lock    # optional, only if you want to re-lock the bootloader.

Source: Google

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