Google was going to adopt Microsoft’s modern web controls in the cancelled Chrome 81 release

by Atiya
March 19, 2020

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Last year we revealed that Microsoft is introducing a new set of web controls to spruce up the browser.  Microsoft felt that these old controls weren’t touch-friendly and had an outdated design.  When Microsoft created the new controls, such as the date picker, text input buttons and spinners, they collaborated closely with the Google team, and it was hoped that Google will also adopt the new controls in the Chrome web browser.

Now it appears that Google was planning to do just that in the now-cancelled Chrome 81 release.  In the now-deleted release notes for Chrome 81, Google said that they would use controls on Windows 10 Linux, Mac OS and Android 2.

“I’ve been really impressed by the work Microsoft has been doing to modernize the appearance of form controls and I’m excited to see it land in Chrome 81 on Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux. Mac and Android support are coming soon,” says Pete LePage, Developer Advocate at Google.

Here’s a before and after screenshot of the new form controls:

Google had paused development on Chrome 81 to allow developers and IT staff to focus on COVID-19 mitigation work, rather than addressing bugs introduced by new Chrome browser version release.  It is expected that Google will resume work later this year once the crisis subsides.

Source: Windowslatest

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