Microsoft is modernizing form controls in Edge and Chromium to make them touch friendly


16, 2019

Microsoft today revealed its plan to make web experiences touch friendly. Microsoft is updating the form controls to make them look modern and easier to interact on touch screens. Microsoft Edge team worked with the Google Chrome team to release a set of refreshed controls that will be available as part of Microsoft Edge Insider builds (Canary and Dev channel) and other Chromium browsers. For example, take a look at the Date and Time controls in the above image. Microsoft gave the following explanation on why and how they came up with this new redesigned control.

A good example of the touch improvements is the time input; currently, Chromium provides a text input, a clear button and a spinner. Our research found that with the large surface area of the fingertip, small controls that are too close together can be difficult to target precisely, recommending a control size of 23×23 pixels (13×13 DLUs) is a good minimum interactive control size for any input device. By contrast, the spin controls at 15×11 pixels are much too small to be used effectively with touch. The new time input we’re introducing includes a flyout with expected touch affordances, like inertia when scrolling and larger touch targets. Other inputs such as date, color, range received subtle size increases to  important touch targets as well.

You can learn more about these improvements from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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