God of War Ragnorak could end up being a cross-gen game


17, 2020

One of Sony’s big PlayStation 5 exclusives, God of War Ragnorak, might not be a pure PS5 exclusive after all.  

While initially revealed for PS5, the upcoming sequel to 2018’s awesome PS4 game could make its way onto the current-gen system.

This would follow the trend of other PS5 games eventually ending up as cross-gen experiences after revealing the games as pure next-gen titles.  This incudes Spider-Man Miles Morales,  Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Horizon: Forbidden West.

In an interview with The Telegraph,  Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan refused to comment on whether next year’s God of War Ragnorak would be only available on PS5.

“Sorry. I’ve got nothing to say about that today,” the CEO replied.

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Adding further evidence to the game eventually being revealed as a cross-gen title,  the CEO explained that it would be a bad idea to stop releasing games on PS4 when there’s ” a community of PS4 gamers 100 million-strong.”

“It would be wrong to walk away from those people too early,” Ryan said.  “And they’ve been engaged with their PS4s this year under lockdown to a greater extent than at any point over the course of the cycle. They’re using their PlayStations. They’re happy with their PlayStations. Why would we stop giving them games?”

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This comes after the CEO previously explained that PlayStation “believe[s] in generations” after Xbox revealed its plans to release cross-gen games for the next year or so. Sony has since stated that cross-gen software will be important for the next few years.

Alongside the God of War Ragnorak news, Jim Ryan also explained his thoughts on the large increase of pricing for next-gen games.

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