GitHub Sponsors will allow you to fund the developers who build and maintain the code you use


23, 2019

During the GitHub Sattelite conference today, GitHub introduced a new program called GitHub Sponsors. GitHub Sponsors is a new way by which anyone can financially support the developers who build the open source software you use every day.

Other highlights of this program:

  • GitHub Sponsors charges zero platform fees when you support the work of other developers. GitHub will also cover payment processing fees for the first 12 months of the program to celebrate the launch. 100% percent of your sponsorship goes to the developer.
  • GitHub Sponsors supports payouts all around the world, in every country where GitHub does business.
  • When a contributor answers your question, triages your issue, or merges your code, you can head to their profile—or simply hover over their username—to sponsor their work.

To kick start this new program, GitHub today announced the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund through which GitHub will match all contributions up to $5,000 during a developer’s first year in GitHub Sponsors.

If you are interested in the project, you can join the waitlist here.

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