Gio Corsi leaves PlayStation after six years


4, 2019

Gio Corsi, Head of Global Second Party Games at PlayStation and avid supporter of the PlayStation Vita, has announced his departure from the company.

Corsi had been at the company for six years. During this time, he originally occupied the role of Senior Director from 2013 until April 2018, when he was appointed Head of Global Second Party Games.

“It’s been a hell of a ride but last week was my final one at PlayStation. I’m taking some time off but I will be back in games soon enough.” Corsi said in a thread on Twitter.

“I’m extremely proud of all the amazing things we accomplished. Big love to everyone past & present who made my time there truly special.”

Corsi also extended his thanks to many different people, finishing his Tweet thread with “Finally, a hearty thank-you to all the great devs, pubs, partners, friends & fans who made my time at PlayStation so memorable.. so many cool moments. From all the titles, to all the shows, as I said, it was a hell of a ride! Thanks for it all & long love the Vita!”

We here at MSPoweruser wish Gio Corsi all the luck in his future endeavours. Long live the Vita indeed.

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