Controversial murder game Hatred is bizarrely coming to Nintendo Switch

April 14, 2020
Hatred Nintendo Switch

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It’s been a long time since Nintendo had a strict censorship policy, but it’s still surprising to see the controversial murder game Hatred come to Nintendo Switch.

Making its reveal even more surprising, Nintendo has a strict ban on video games that have received an Adults Only rating from being sold on its digital storefront. Hatred is the third video game ever to receive a full Adults Only rating after Thrill Kill and Manhunt 2.

Nevertheless, developer Destructive Creations revealed that Hatred would be coming to the Nintendo Switch on Twitter last Saturday.

“Happy Easter our beloved fans,” said developer Destructive Creations. “Recently we revealed something regarding Nintendo Switch. This picture may give you a better idea about what is going to happen. Are you waiting?”

The Nintendo Switch port of Hatred also shows that it will support User Content. While Nintendo doesn’t officially support modifications onto its system, certain games are adding specifically curated mods to their games, just like Doom 1/2, Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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