Gemini Ultra vs GPT 4: How Google Gemini beats OpenAI GPT-4 in most benchmarks

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Google’s new language model, Gemini‘s top model, Gemini Ultra, has outperformed OpenAI’s GPT-4 in comprehensive benchmark tests. From text-based tasks to complex multimedia comprehension, Gemini consistently demonstrated superior performance.

Text-Based Performance:

  • Multistep reasoning (Big-Bench Hard): Gemini Ultra surpassed GPT-4, showcasing its ability to follow complex instructions and solve multiple-step problems.
  • Reading comprehension (DROP): Gemini excelled in understanding the nuances of text, exceeding GPT-4 in accurately extracting information and answering questions based on reading passages.
  • Common sense reasoning for everyday tasks (HellaSwag): While GPT-4 edged out Gemini in this category, both models demonstrated remarkable capabilities in applying common sense knowledge to everyday situations.

Multimedia Processing:

  • Image-related tasks: Gemini aced all tests involving image processing, demonstrating superior capabilities in college-level reasoning, natural image understanding, OCR, document understanding, infographic analysis, and mathematical reasoning in visual contexts.
  • Video processing: Gemini triumphed in two video-related tests, excelling in English caption capturing and video question answering.
  • Audio processing: Gemini swept the audio tests, demonstrating superior automatic speech translation and recognition performance.

Overall, Gemini outperformed GPT4 except in common sense reasoning for everyday tasks (HellaSwag).

The picture is clear: Google’s Gemini Ultra has established itself as the leading large language model, outperforming its competitor, GPT-4, across various tasks. 

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