GE Healthcare and Microsoft announce new tech to help clinicians support COVID-19 patients

April 15, 2020

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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare and Microsoft today announced the availability of Mural Virtual Care Solution on Azure cloud platform. This new software solution will give hospitals a broad view across their ventilated patient population and help identify patients at risk of deterioration.

As more patients get admitted in hospitals due to COVID-19, clinical surveillance of intensive care unit patients will become a pain point for hospitals. GE’s new solution will allow clinicians to manage each patient’s data across the hospital network from a single location easily.

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A Mural installation across a 100-bed multi-site ICU network is monitored by three senior nurses and two intensivists around the clock. With a potential shortage of intensivists and bedside caregivers, Mural supports these teams by enabling additional oversight of patients across the hospital network. Bringing together near real-time data from ventilators, patient monitoring systems, electronic medical records, labs and other systems, Mural allows one clinician to monitor several patients at once, supplementing existing monitoring devices in patients’ rooms. Remote surveillance may also reduce clinicians’ exposure to COVID-19, while maintaining a broad view of patients across the hospital.

Since Mural is running on Azure, it is affordable and can be deployed and scaled quickly. GE Healthcare is also waiving Mural software subscription charges through January 31, 2021.

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