Gamescom 2012: What’s new?

The Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is Europe’s biggest Gaming-Fair. I was there, because I was told there would be many smartphones games . Well, I was excited, but unfortunately there were only very few Smartphone games, and none at all for Windows Phone.  I will still however present you the best of the show, which we just have to hope will be released for Windows Phone eventually.

Wacky Motors

Wacky Motors is a racing game which has the same style as for instance Mario Kart. You have to race against others on fantasy roads and collect crates, in which weapons like rockets or bananas are hidden.

Ring of the Dragon

This game is a fantasy fighting game. It is a little bit like Final Fantasy or Eternal Legacy. You have to run around and fight Monsters and other creatures. I especially liked the gameplay and graphics, which are quite nice.

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Fishing Star

釣り★スタ -E3 2012 Trailer-

This is – of course – a fishing game. You have to throw a fishing rod into the water and wait, until it sinks. Then you have to tap the screen to pull it out. It was great fun, but I wish it supported the motion sensor, because tapping on the screen may be not the best gameplay for a fishing game

Dragon Ark

This game is very similar to Ring of the Dragon, except random creatures do not appear in the world, which means you have only one Special Destination to go to.

These were the best games which were presented at Gamescom. I hope next year Microsoft will have a stand on the Gamescom and present its own products, which are great for gaming, especially Windows Phone 8, which will be an even better gaming platform.