Samsung explains how Galaxy Z Flip’s Hideaway hinge works in a new video

by Rahul
May 6, 2020

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One of the reasons behind the high cost of the foldable smartphone is the fact that companies need to put a lot of effort to perfect the hinge. Worse, even after putting a huge amount of effort, no smartphone manufacturers were able to perfect the hinge yet, though the comparison between Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip suggests that the technology is improving.

While the Hideaway hinge in the Galaxy Z Flip is still not perfect, it’s undoubtedly better than the one present in the Galaxy Fold. The improvement seems to be a significant breakthrough for Samsung so much so that the company has recently shared a video explaining how the hinge system works.

In the video, Samsung said that the hinge is based on the dual CAM mechanism, which consists of two detents, located on both ends of the hinge. This mechanism helps the smartphone stay open at various angles much like a laptop, as opposed to the Galaxy Fold, which can only be opened at certain angles. You can watch the video that Samsung published below.

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According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip can go through 200,000 folds without any issues and that means it can the hinge should function properly for five years. The hinge also comes with Sweeper technology that helps repel dirt and dust to keep your folds as smooth as your style.

via Sammobile

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