Confirmed: The upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 series will be powered by the new Samsung Exynos W920 5nm processor



Samsung Exynos W920

Samsung today announced the new Exynos W920, a new wearable processor with an integrated LTE modem and built with an advanced 5nm extreme ultra-violet (EUV) process node, offering efficient performance for wearables. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 series will be powered by this new Exynos W920 processor. The Exynos W920 will deliver 20% improved CPU performance, 10x better graphics performance when compared to its predecessor. Find the details below.

  • The Exynos W920 packs two Arm Cortex-A55 cores for high-performing yet power-efficient processing and an Arm Mali-G68 GPU that boasts improved CPU performance around 20-percent and ten times better graphics performance than its predecessor.
  • With upgraded cores and improved performance, the Exynos W920 enables faster application launches and more interactive eye-catching 3D graphical user interface (GUI) on a device’s qHD (960×540) display.
  • The Exynos W920 comes in the smallest package currently available in the market for wearables with Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FO-PLP). The technology incorporates the Exynos W920, power management IC (PMIC), LPDDR4 and embedded multimedia card (eMMC) in the same package using System-in-Package-embedded Package on Package (SiP-ePoP) configuration.
  •  Rather than powering up the main CPU for Always-on-display (AOD), the W920 activates a dedicated low-power display processor, the Cortex-M55, reducing display power consumption under AOD mode compared to its previous Exynos model.
  • The Exynos W920 is embedded with a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem as well as a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) L1 for tracking speed, distance and elevation during outdoor activities.
  • The Exynos W920 supports a new unified wearable platform Samsung built jointly with Google, and will be first applied to the upcoming Galaxy Watch model.

Source: Samsung

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