Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price revealed, and it’s good news

by Rahul
September 16, 2020

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Samsung has no flagship phones planned for the rest of 2020, but the South Korean tech giant will be one of the first few phone makers to release its flagship phones in the first quarter of 2021. One of the products that Samsung is currently working on is an S20 successor, which according to various reports, could be called Galaxy S21 series. While the details about the S21 series are still not known, everyone expects the S21, or whatever Samsung ends up calling it, to be better than its predecessor.

What sounds even more exciting is the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra might be slightly cheaper than its predecessor. According to tipsterĀ Mauri QHD, the top model of the S21 series that is the S21 Ultra will cost $1,400, which is $200 cheaper than the S20 Ultra(512GB) and $50 cheaper than the Note20 Ultra(512GB). However, it’s worth noting that the tipster didn’t mention any specific storage variant in his tweet, leaving us in dark about whether the $1,400 price is of the 128GB variant of the S21 Ultra.

The fact that the S21 Ultra will be cheaper than its predecessor will certainly make everyone happy, but tech enthusiasts are also worried after hearing the rumors of Samsung completely ditching the Snapdragon 875 in favor of Exynos 1000, which considered to be inferior to the former. That’s not the only thing that fans should be worried about. According to sources, Samsung is facing some trouble in deciding whether or not to include an under-display camera. And while sources claim that Samsung’s under-display camera technology is superior to all the under-display camera technology available in the market, the fact that Samsung is struggling to decide whether or not it should include the technology means that the company may not be confident.

Nevertheless, we all should wait for the S21 to hit the market before jumping into any conclusion. What’s your opinion on Samsung’s move to completely ditch the Snapdragon 875 in favor of the Exynos? Let us know in the comments below.

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