Galaxy Buds Live gets hearing enhancement feature and more with the latest update

by Rahul
February 25, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung is now rolling out an update for Galaxy Buds Live earbuds, bringing the hearing enhancement feature along with performance improvements. The update carries a firmware version number R180XXU0AUB5.

Once the update is installed, you’ll be able to adjust the sound balance from left to right of the Galaxy Earbuds Live. Also, you get the Buds menu control in the Bluetooth setting. And all these features are packed in an update that weighs in at 2.2MB. And that, in turn, means you can easily download the update with the help of your cellular data.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds will offer Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) despite the fact that it won’t fully seal your ear canal. An extra rubber shell allows users to adjust the size of the beans to fit their ears better. The wireless charging case is smaller than the already small Galaxy Buds+ case and is in a shape that resembles Apple’s AirPod case.

You can buy the Galaxy Buds Live from here.

via Reddit,9to5google

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