Xbox Beta ring gets free multiplayer for Free-to-Play games

March 29, 2021
xbox insider

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After recently being introduced for Alpha members in the Xbox insider program, the changes to free free-to-play multiplayer have been opened up to Beta ring members. 

Still some time off from a public release, the update that brings in free multiplayer for Free-to-Play titles as well as looking for groups and party chat, is moving up the rings of the Xbox Insider program, getting closer towards public release, as announced today on Twitter by Xbox Insider. 

While it’s a step more open within the Xbox Insider program, you won’t be able to just dive in and enjoy free free-to-play multiplayer for yourself quite yet. 

To be in the Beta program ring, you need to have three or more months of tenure, with a level 5 or higher in the program. 

After this, there are two additional levels before full public release, Delta and Omega, that require one month, and none months respectively, before accessing the unreleased features.

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