Forza Horizon 6 might be coming very soon, according to a new job listing from Microsoft

August 30, 2023
Forza Horizon 6

Forza Horizon 6 might soon be out, or at least is in development. We’re tempted to believe this due to a job listing from Microsoft that is looking for a Business Administrator at Turn 10 Studios. the game studio behind the popular franchise.

The role proposes a list of tasks and points that need to be followed and accomplished, hinting at a reorganization within the studio.

This role reports to the Chief of Staff who leads the Studio Operations team, functions as the Studio’s Business Administrator, managing and overseeing the vendor administrative staff, including their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities as well as their long term projects. This position acts as point of contact and provides team support for a large Studio comprised of several hundred individuals including Microsoft employees, vendors, and interns.

The latest game from the franchise, Forza Horizon 5, was released in 2021, and the studio is regularly releasing titles every 2 or 3 years. While there are no signs of Forza Horizon 6 in sight, the game might actually be released in 2024, most likely. And this job listing, which hints at a reorganization inside the company, means Turn 10 Studios is working on the next Forza Horizon title already.

The job listing was posted recently, and the business administrator has to be at a mid to senior-level, meaning that this position will ask them to manage important projects. Is Forza Horizon 6 one of these projects? Definitely.

But what do you think?

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