Forza Horizon 5’s full world map has been revealed

August 10, 2021
Forza Horizon 5 Map

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During the latest Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡Go! livestream, Playground Games unveiled the entire map for their upcoming open-world racing game, showing off Mexico’s 11 biomes. 

After having been shown plenty of snippets of the map throughout past live streams, Playground Games has finally revealed the entire world map, which is “50 percent bigger, so one and a half times the size of Forza Horizon 4’s,” according to creative director Mike Brown.

With so much space on offer, Playground Games have been able to more deeply explore Mexico’s varied climate, stuffing an incredible 11 biomes into the sprawling map of Forza Horizon 5. These biomes are Canyon, Tropical Coast, Farmland, Arid Hills, Jungle, Living Desert, Rocky Coast, Sand Desert, Swamp, Urban City of Guanajuato, and Volcano.

Forza Horizon 5 Map

On top of the vast number of biomes on display throughout Mexico, Forza Horizon 5’s map also has plenty of good roads to look forward to, with the longest motorway in any Forza Horizon game so far, an off-road Baja circuit, as well as a plethora of switchback roads spanning up the games huge volcano. 

If all that wasn’t enough for you, Forza Horizon 5 also has the Events Lab, and a huge stadium to utilize those tools in, allowing you to create your own fun and wacky events if the slick city streets and rolling hills don’t quite fit your fancy. 

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Forza Horizon 5 is set to launch on November 9th 2021 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with the game launching Day One on Xbox Game Pass.

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