Microsoft recently added support for the pen input in the Mail app, giving users the ability to write emails using their digital pen. On the other hand, the Company also almost removed an important feature from the Mail app.

The company temporarily removed the “Focused inbox” feature, which led to people thinking that it’d be removed for good, from the Mail app. The good news is the Focused inbox is now back and works as you’d expect. So, as many predicted, it’s was mistakenly removed and now after two days, the company has fixed it.

It means all of your emails are no longer in one place, you have a separate Focused tab, where you’ll find your most ‘important emails’ more quickly.

The Focused inbox feature is currently available on the Outlook for Android, iOS, and web. And now that Microsoft has fixed the bug, it’s available in the Mail app for Windows 10 too.

How many of you send emails using Windows 10’s Mail app? Is the Focused inbox an important feature? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below.