Flash 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5 dropped, will come (eventually) in Windows Phone 7

noflash Adobe has been holding up the promise of Flash 10.1 for Windows Mobile for some time now, with the release dates constantly slipped.

It seems the vapourware has now gone completely up in smoke, with an Adobe rep admitting:

You can expect the final release for Android to be available mid-year. All Android devices that meet our minimum s/w and h/w requirements will be supported. Unfortunately, I cannot say a lot more publicly about our port to the Android platform at this time.
As for WinMo, we have made the tough decision to defer support for that platform until WinMo7. This is due to the fact that WinMo6.5 does not support some of the critical APIs that we need.

For Windows Mobile fans there is certainly an increasing perception that any lingering support the OS may have had had slipped away completely, making the purchase of a device running the OS without the firm promise of an upgrade Windows Phone 7 appear rather foolish.

Would one be mad to buy a Windows Mobile phone on a two year contract these days? Let us know below.

Via Pocketnow.com