While SpO2 monitoring is becoming the defining feature in new smartwatches, Fitbit actually had the hardware for it all along.  Now, the company has enabled blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2) for Versa, Iconic and Charge 3 devices.

The smartwatch determines oxygen variation using red and infrared sensors. Blood oxygen data can aid in tracking health issues, including asthma, heart disease and sleep apnea.  If the wearer has sleep apnoea, they’re more likely to see bigger variations in their oxygen saturation than those without.

Prior to this, the same sensor was being used to determine the user’s Sleep Score- a score up to 100.  Now, users can view a graph of the variations in their oxygen saturation over the entire day and night.

Fitbit doesn’t claim that it can diagnose any health issues, but can help make the user more self-aware of variations in breathing at night.

Have any of our readers received the update on their Fitbit?

Source: Engadget