Finland’s biggest carrier confirms Lumia 800 outselling iPhone 4S, Lumia 710 outselling iPhone 4

Best selling phones to retail customers in February 2012
1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Nokia C2-01
4. Samsung Galaxy Gio
5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
6. Samsung Galaxy S II
7. Nokia 300
8. Nokia 500
9. Nokia C5-00 5MP
10. Nokia 7230
11. Samsung Galaxy S+
12. Nokia Lumia 710
13. Nokia E7-00
14. Apple iPhone 4
15. Nokia N9-00
Best selling phones for business in February 2012:
1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. Nokia C2-01
3. Apple iPhone 4S
4. Nokia E7-00
5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
6. Nokia C5-00 5MP
7. Samsung Xcover 271
8. Samsung Galaxy Gio
9. Nokia E5-00
10. Nokia C6-00
11. Samsung Galaxy S II
12. Nokia Lumia 710
13. Nokia E52
14. Nokia E6-00
15. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10,1

We have been tracking the performance of the Nokia Lumia sales in Finland using secondary sources such as Statcounter for some time now, but now for the first time we have had a carrier comment on sales directly.

Elisa, the biggest carrier in Finland, has released their sales figures for February, and it shows the Lumia 800 being the best-seller in both the business and consumer segment, with pretty good performance by the Lumia 710 also, which only had a few days of sales.

Elisa notes good sales were not just related to a launch day boost, but that sales has been steady throughout the month, and that fortunately they only ran out of stock early in the month due to servicing pre-orders.

They note sales should remain strong with the introduction of the Lumia 610 in late Spring and the Lumia 900 in Summer providing a range of pricing levels for consumers.

Elisa Director Jan Virkki said Lumia sales to date supports the fact that Windows Phone will be one of the key operating systems.

The press release can be seen here.