Final Fantasy 9 is now playable on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, 7 release date announced

February 14, 2019

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Final Fantasy fans rejoice for the ninth entry in this long-running series is now out on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Final Fantasy 9 is a slightly remastered version of the 2000 PlayStation game.

With improved visuals, this is the same exact version that PS4, PC and mobile gamers have enjoyed for months. Still, it’s a great game and it’s also the first time it has been available on an Xbox and Nintendo console.

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Reportedly, the port is not brilliant. According to Twitter user Alex Donaldson, this incarnation of the game features horrendous music bugs that cause the game’s soundtrack to cut out.

Final Fantasy 9 isn’t the only game in the series making its way to these two consoles. Announced alongside Final Fantasy 9 was the news that the seventh entry in the series would also be coming. After all, it’ll be years until that remake releases.

Releasing on March 26th, Final Fantasy 7 will be an enhanced version of the original game. Hopefully, this won’t be as buggy as the new port of 9 but only time will tell.

Final Fantasy 9 is available for just £16.99/$20.99 on Xbox One. Nintendo Switch prices are the same.

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